The iPhone Song

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It’s about time someone nailed this one. This is a parody based on ‘Nine Million Bicycles’ and the iPhone hype.

(Dutch: Jawel, een nieuw liedje in de serie ‘Liedjes Om Te Wissen.’ Het is een parodie op ‘Nine Million Bicycles’ en de iPhone-hype. Hyvertjes kunnen pas luisteren als ze doorklikken naar mijn echte weblog.)



There are nine hundred people in this queue
that’s a bitch
I’ve been here for a long time
but I have to buy an iPhone just for you

When I buy one I sign up a long time
for 2 years
and I’m paying through my nose
but it’s worth it to avoid your god damned tears

It’s kind of obscene, all that money I’ll spend
when people are starving
and it’s just a stupid Phone in the end

I’ll admit that this thing is kinda cool
black and smooth
though I feel that it’s uncouth
‘cause in Africa this cash could build a school

(instrumental break)


So let’s see, you have to sign up for two years, you pay 200 bucks for the phone, 39 bucks a month for voice and 20 bucks a month for data, oh and five bucks for sending text-messages. So that works out to… um… 1.975 dollars over the next two years. Assuming you don’t go over your minutes. For a phone. And the line goes round the block. What’s that about a recession you were saying?

But you want an iPhone
so I’m in this line
though these people are creepy
and they say they hate Windows all the time

Well they ran out of iPhones I’ve been told
wipe my tears
I’ve been catching quite a cold
and I know that you’ll be screaming in my ears

Yeah baby, it’s me. Now, don’t yell but… they’re out of stock. I said don’t yell at me! I’ve been here for almost 12 hours. C’mon baby, how about I get you the most expensive Nokia AND a GPS-navigator AND an iPod touch? What do you mean I’m being cheap?! That’s STILL a lot of money! But not as much as an Iphone, true…

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